Our Philosophy—

We've created a place where women of any age, shape, size or ability are welcomed as soon as they step foot through our doors.


We know how daunting it can be trying something new…

We love nothing more than helping women get fit, strong and learn more skills. But what we are super passionate about is watching women connect and build friendships that last a lifetime. We regularly host social events where everyone is always invited. Weekly Team Breakfast after a Saturday morning workout, walk and coffee dates, girl’s nights and active days out are all on our agenda constantly.


Our Program— 

Tailored specifically for women.

Group training

We offer group fitness that combines strength, conditioning and gymnastics to create a fun and ever-changing routine. We lift weights, run, skip, jump and do pull ups, push ups and handstands. There is always a progression to work towards that is tailored to your individual level, and everyone is constantly changing their goals as they improve. We encourage and motivate each other, and high fives are a non-negotiable.


We understand that training and nutrition go hand in hand, and we have a strong focus on educating our members about nutrition and just how vital it is for longevity and quality of life.


Our Facility— 

A beautiful space with every luxury a woman could need.

A spacious gym floor, fully contained kitchen, and a gorgeous bathroom with fresh flowers that you will just love. Based in Carrington on the water, our facility is second to none. It offers a huge floor space with tons of equipment for all the fun and all the fitness. Upstairs we have our very own physio, Terrace Physio Plus, to help keep us in top shape and a kitted-out kid’s room for the littlies.


Our Team—

Women that live and breathe training and nutrition, but also care about our members as if they were family.

Our team of trainers are literally the best in Newcastle! Highly qualified and experienced, they are just as invested in your goals as you are.

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