Lissome is coming to Maitland!

We are being inundated with your emails,  phone calls and text messages asking for more info about Maitland!!

We wish we would give you girls more information but at this stage we can only confirm the following; We are aiming for early Jan 2019 opening

  • Location will be Maitland/East Maitland area

  • Membership costs will be; Full time (unlimited) $55 per week Part time (3 sessions) $45 per week No contracts

  • Session Timetable will look like;

    Weekdays: 5:30am / 9:30am / 5:30pm

    Sat: 7am Sun: Closed

  • Training Program will be identical to Lissome Newcastle

  • If you’re a member you can also train at other locations, no extra charge

  • We will be offering one-one-one personal training sessions

  • We will be offering nutrition coaching services

  • We won’t have an actual crèche but we will have a kids room close to gym floor so you can bring your little ones along

  •  In the mean time, take advantage of our Weekly FREE Boot Camps in Maitland Park if you can! We will release details of Foundation Memberships as soon as we can! 

  • We are SO PUMPED to bring the community of Lissome Sisterhood to you all!