How fit or experienced do I have to be to start?

You don’t have to have any level of fitness to begin at Lissome. Our members are women of all ages (16 – 60), abilities, shapes and sizes! We train women who have NEVER exercised before and teach them absolutely everything they need to know. We understand how frightening it can be trying something new, so we do all that we can to welcome you and make you feel comfortable on your first day!

I just purchased the 7 day trial, what now?

Now that you have purchased the trial, you just need to download Wodify and go through the forgot your password prompts! Once you have successfully created your profile you can book in to your classes for the week! Be sure to arrive to the gym at least 15 minutes before class starts so that you have enough time to settle in, meet the coach and do the warm up. We do our warm up before class starts.

Where can I see the WOD?

Go to Menu on Wodify, click on Today’s WOD and select the date you’d like to view.

Do you cap your classes?

We do not cap our classes, however for our busiest class time (6am) we generally have 2 coaches.

Do you have shower facilities?

Yes, we most certainly do! You are welcome to use our beautiful bathrooms before or after a workout. We have a hairdryer and hair straightener, shampoo and conditioner, and the bathroom is constantly made pretty with fresh flowers!

Do you have kitchen facilities?

Yes, we do! We have a fully stocked, functioning kitchen that has a huge fridge, oven, microwave, blender and plenty of crockery and cutlery! You can prepare your breakfast before going to work or hang out and have some nuts or a smoothie before a workout!

What do I need to bring on my first visit?

All you need is a bottle of water, a sweat towel and a sense of CAN DO! Make sure you arrive 15 minutes early to meet the coach and settle in.

Do you have a creche or child minding facilities?

We have a creche teacher located at both sites. This service is available for members at the 9:30am class only and has a booking system. Members must book their child in to use this service. Bookings open one week in advance. The creche is capped to best manage the safety and well being of the children. To book

Where do I park?

We have 4 car spots allocated to us which are painted bright PINK! If you can’t get into one of those, you are welcome to park on the street which is approximately 50m away. Please DO NOT park in any of the other marked car spaces!

Where are you located?

Drive to the end of Fitzroy street and turn right into the last driveway. Drive to the end of the car park and we are located on the left.

Do you offer personal training?

Yes, all of our coaches are also qualified personal trainers and offer one on ones and small group sessions. If you are new (under 6 months) to this type of training, we would recommend you do this in conjunction with classes. This will help you get across the foundational movement patterns so that you can get the most out of your training at Lissome.

Do you have beginner classes?

We hold a beginners class at the start of each month. Get in touch if you would like to find out when our next one is!

If I sign up, am I locked in to any contract?

There are absolutely NO contracts! We do recommend that you stick to the program for at least 12 weeks though, to best learn the movements and work toward achieving your health and fitness goals. If you decide to cancel, we only require two weeks notice to stop your payments! We want you to love where you are training, so if we aren’t the right fit, you won’t be penalised.

When I set up my membership, can I select a day for my payment to be debited?

Absolutely! You can select a frequency and drawing date via the app!

Will I get ‘bulky’ from this style of training?

NO – is the simplest answer. It is biologically impossible for women to ‘bulk’ up due to testosterone levels, unless training and eating is specific to muscle hypertrophy.  Our Founder, Nerida stripped 20kg to expose a lean and toned body thanks to this style of training and a supportive lifestyle (read her story). Our program is written by women, for women. It is a constantly varied, high intensity and functionally focused program to support longevity and vitality.