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EmpoweredU Seminar

If you’re sick and tired of feeling stressed out, overwhelmed and exhausted by your emotions this is the event for you.

When it comes to emotions it seems that the go-to strategies for the majority of people are to either:

  • Repress them: through drugs, alcohol, food or happy pills

  • Distract ourselves from them: through mindlessly scrolling social media or binging on Netflix

  • Fight them: through ‘positive thinking’ or ‘affirmations’

The problem is that these strategies simply don’t work in the long run, and often they cause more emotional overwhelm and pain.

So what’s the solution?

Increasing your emotional intelligence.

But what does that even mean?

It means learning proven skills, tools and strategies that enhance your ability to be aware of, understand, accept and even change how you feel at any given moment.

The good is news is that this is exactly what EmpoweredU focuses on. It’s an opportunity for you to invest in your emotional intelligence and wellbeing in a way that is:

PROACTIVE: why wait until you’re really emotionally struggling to take action? That would be like not exercising until you’ve had a heart attack.

PRACTICAL: it’s not just fluffy feel-good concepts here, we will actually empower you with tangible techniques for you to take home and utilise in your day to day life.

And above all else, FUN: no boring lecturing here, we make Emotional Intelligence sexy. By attending this Seminar you will have begun building the most important skill towards a life of confident, purpose, fulfillment and emotional freedom. But most importantly you’ll have gained skills that you feel empowered to use in your day to day life.

Just imagine how amazing it will be to feel empowered when it comes to your emotions instead of overwhelmed, stressed out and exhausted.

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Earlier Event: May 22