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Maitland Open Day

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We are SO excited to announce that LISSOME IS COMING TO MAITLAND!!!

Please join us at our Open Day:

Maitland Park, Saturday 3 November 7am-8am.

This will be a super FUN, boot camp session for women of ANY age, shape, size and ability! ABSOLUTELY EVERYONE is welcome!

Come and see what we’re all about! Bring a friend and become part of a community like no other! AND Saturday Breakfast Club afterwards! This is a non-negotiable! Coffee & chats to start your weekend!

Head over to Eventbrite to purchase your FREE spot for the Open Day!

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Lissome Sup Day
10:00 AM10:00

Lissome Sup Day

3 hours of SUP'n F U N at beautiful Naru beach !

We've got our very own PRIVATE group sesh with Cass from Kite and Sup for ONLY $30 per person!

There are 30 boards available to hire ladies, so get in quick!!!

We LOVE a good beach day, made even better with all the SUN, FRIENDS & FUN activities!

Head to Eventbrite for tickets

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Little Lissome Women Workshop
4:30 PM16:30

Little Lissome Women Workshop

Join in to our workshop where we will;

  1. Teach young girls that it’s GOOD to be fit and strong!

  2. Teach young girls to love their body for what it CAN DO, instead of what it looks like!

  3. Teach young girls to be kind and supportive to each other!

  4. Teach young girls to accept others as well as accept themselves!

  5. Provide them with incredible role models who live and breathe this message every day!

We have so many fit, strong and wonderful women everywhere here and we are SO passionate about passing that on to some younger ladies to spread the message even further!

Ages 10-15 years welcome!

Limited spots available! 

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Lissome turns 4
2:00 PM14:00

Lissome turns 4

Lissome is turning 4 and we're celebrating with The Lissome Olympics!

Wear your best 80's fitness gear and get ready to play some epic novelty games including;

Balloon stomp
Suitcase races

Pub crawl around Carrington from 5pm and dinner to finish at The Mexican Cantina! 

Do not miss this!!!




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Lissome Open Day
6:30 AM06:30

Lissome Open Day

Lissome Open Day!

We are turning 4 and opening our doors!

Have you been wondering what we are all about but been too scared/intimidated/nervous about actually coming to try it out!? Perfect! This day is JUST FOR YOU!

Come along to a fun, relaxed, INTERACTIVE Open Day held by Lissome and it's friendly people! We have a fun partner workout planned where we will buddy you up with an experienced friendly Lissome girl and you'll get to dip your toe into some of the things we do here!

There will be the chance to SIGN UP on the Day!

We have some amazing GIVEAWAYS organised for the first 14 members who SIGN UP at ou Open Day!

RSVP to our Facebook page so you can stay tuned to see what surprises are in store!

Bring a friend and enjoy the fun! 

Head over to Eventbrite to register your spot! 

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KIT Nutrition Talk
8:00 AM08:00

KIT Nutrition Talk

Kit Nutrition Collective is a local Nutrition Coaching business which specialises in nutrition support for women in training.

The founders, Lauren and Bron, are passionate about good nutrition and ensuring people are getting the most out of their training. Whether you are looking to cut weight, gain muscle, maintain your current physique or increase energy and performance, these are your girls!

Both being mums with other jobs and families, they understand the many time constraints and sacrifices that are made to keep life running smoothly and realise that it is often our nutrition that is sacrificed first. Their aim is to equip you with the knowledge and skills to know how to eat for your body (both at home and out and about), streamline your meal prep, and most importantly provide you with the support you need to achieve your goals.

The talk will cover:
- Basics of nutrition for women in training
- Macro-balancing and other nutritional methods
- Common misconceptions about nutrition
- What we do and why we do it
- Question and answer session

This is a FREE event for Lissome members only! Head to Eventbrite to secure your spot now as they are limited!

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Weightlifting & Gymnastics Workshop
9:00 AM09:00

Weightlifting & Gymnastics Workshop

Where: Lissome
Cost: $50 plus booking fee
What: An intimate workshop aimed at learning, developing and improving all areas of competitive fitness, including:
- Weightlifting technique (clean, jerk & snatch)
- Deadlifts, back and front squats
- Basic Gymnastics (pullups, pushups, toes to bar, handstand pushups)
- Advanced Gymnastics (butterfly pullups, muscleups & progressions, handstand walking and rope climbs)
There will be a 1 hour break for lunch.
Why: Ethan is well known around the local comp scene. His 130kg Snatch and 160kg Clean and Jerk saw him ranked 53rd in the Open Pacific Region 2018. He has also qualified to compete at Wodapalooza in Miami this year! 





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Run Better Workshop
6:30 AM06:30

Run Better Workshop

Hand's up if you're one of those people who "hates running"?
Well, this Run Better Workshop is for YOU! 

Coached by one of the best running coaches in Newcastle, Lissome members have a private group session booked with Dave Robbo! 
One hour of skill and technique training 6:30am-7:30am, with the option to tag on and do Park Run around Carrington straight after at 8am!
Cost is $25 per person payable on the day IN CASH!

Learning tips and techniques on how to run is ideal for becoming better at it and learning to love it which will in turn help your overall fitness!

We are so lucky to have scored this private session with Dave so do not miss out!

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