Each class is different so you'll never get bored. 

If its your first class - welcome! Please show up 15 minutes early!


This is our daily cross training workout that is designed specifically for women.

Every class begins with a brief on the workout of day. Each day is different, but you will always walk away having had an awesome workout. We combine strength, conditioning and gymnastics as these things are perfect for women to attain their best shape. It’s also super fun and challenging. You will always be taught, coached and supported every step of the way.


Once a week we get outdoors and breathe in some fresh air! Never run before? That’s okay, we cater for everyone.

Each week varies in location and duration, but no one ever gets left behind. Sometimes we run hills, flat efforts, bush runs, stairs or sprints. It always changes, and we announce the meeting spot the night before. If we are near the beach, we always use the chance to jump in the water for a dip afterwards. And yes, coffee afterwards every single time.


We love friends dropping in to play, boys and girls!

This class is still the workout of the day but it is open to members and non-members/ drop ins. We want to create a place where every now and then, people can get together and train at a place that’s fun. Husbands and partners of our Lissome members drop in, members of other gyms pop by, and anyone interested can come along too - the more the merrier! Commune is the only drop in class, all others are for members only. Beers afterwards on Fridays too!

Beginner Sessions

The first Saturday of every month we host a special Beginners Session. A chance to slow it down in an environment where everyone is at a similar level. If you’ve been interested in coming to try our training out, but have been too intimidated, this is for YOU! New members to Lissome also welcome!

- Workout
- Coffee
- Chat

RSVP on the Facebook page so we know to expect you ladies! Search Beginners Session MONTH!

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