Coach Real Talk with Marni

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Growing up, I have always had a very healthy and active life.

I started noticing my body starting to change after being in a new relationship, starting my first job, socialising more (drinking more) and eating whatever I wanted most of the time, not even thinking about it. I remember looking at my body and not being happy with what I saw or how It felt and how I had put on so much weight.

At this point, I needed to change. Unsure of where to start, my boyfriend at the time started to get into training and counting macros so I jumped on the band wagon, joined the gym and started counting with him.

This quickly turned in to an obsession. I was on such low calories which of course made me lose the weight, fueling the obsession. I thought I needed to eat less and less to lose weight, which just wasn’t sustainable!!!!

I felt so restricted as I was following the classic chicken and broccoli, low carbohydrate diet. I was so bored! This led me to binge on all kinds of foods that I had restricted myself from. After my binges, I would feel extremely guilty and punish myself by eating less food to “make” up for the overeating.

I started to educate myself more and learnt the importance of strength training and fueling my body. At this point, I was still very clue less! I moved to Canada for a year and had the best year of my life. I partied a lot, I met some amazing people, I ate and drank whatever I wanted and didn’t feel guilty -mostly! We were all in the same boat, enjoying ourselves, and mostly covered up during because it was so cold! As summer came along I started training again and was a little more conscious of the foods I was consuming as I knew I would be heading back to Australia soon.

When I returned home I was back where I started, not happy with my appearance and the cycle started again. Obsession with tracking my food, not eating enough and thinking I needed to exercise to try and burn as many calories as I could to try and out train the calories I had binged over the weekend only to re start my diet on the Monday.

At this point,  I started a strength program which changed my body drastically. I started to notice a difference in doing more weights and less cardio. I started to do my own research and a few months later I started my Certificate III & IV in Fitness.

I still had no balance but over time my own experiences and self-education helped me down a path of discovery. Since becoming vegetarian nearly 2 years ago, I learnt even more about the importance of nutritious food. My body has since thanked me! I am no longer tired, constantly bloated, feeling restricted or guilty about the foods I consumed over the weekend.

My priorities have changed from punishing my body with over training and low calories to getting enough sleep, eating whole foods, drinking more water, and resting when I know my body needs it. I have never felt or looked better! I am eating the most food I have ever before and am stronger and happier!

My goal is to love and take care of my body, not to deprive it. I have learnt long term is key for sustainability, short fixes are exactly that - short! I am so grateful I have been able to learn and grow from this and I want to help as many girls as I can experiencing the same thing, to learn the importance of building a strong, healthy, happy body!

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