Sustainable Training


There are so many factors when it comes to how we get hurt or injured. Often it’s an insignificant twist or turn doing a daily activity and down we go. When it comes to training, the goal is training for sustainability.

Some factors that can cause injury whilst training:

  • A previous injury and the fear of re-injury can alter movement patterns.

  • Fatigue is a big one. This could be from over training, over working, lack of sleep or a combination of the three. Be sure to always listen to your body and respond. This might mean not training when you had planned to or decreasing the intensity of the session.

  • Most injuries happen from overloading the body too soon. This means the body has not yet adapted to the dosage of load you have applied to it. It is all in the right dosage! When we train, we are causing stress to the body. The key is making sure we have the correct amount of stress, not enough and we will not progress, too much and it can lead to injury. The perfect amount will focus on creating enough stimulus to the system during the training session. Our body adapts to the things we do, therefore following a program where progressive overload is KEY and not doing too much too soon or going too hard for too long. Think about the long term, focus on increasing through the load, volume and intensity over time. This means we need to track our progress and technique before load always.. Quality over quantity!

If you have an injury, the worst thing you can do is just stop training. You should seek a qualified professional who can create a plan to get you back to where you need to be. We will happily create a modified program so that you can continue training with the group.

Make sure that you are always working within tolerable loads and increasing load over time, managing fatigue, and listening to your body. Adjust and modify movements when you need.

Get strong and become resilient!

Love the Lissome Team XO

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