You + Your Training


 How would you describe your relationship with training? Do you come to the gym feeling happy/ excited? Do you enjoy the session and leave feeling happy/ a sense of accomplishment? OR do you feel a sense of anxiety perhaps? Do you feel pressure or stressed to perform in the session? Do you leave feeling disappointed?

We encourage you to ask yourselves these questions so that you can recognise any feelings or thoughts that are limiting or negative as subconsciously these are indeed causing damage. 

Yes, we do promote working hard! We do promote being focused, prepared and pushing to improve and progress. However, we also encourage exercising some self-compassion; understanding that you will not always perform at your best! If you expect to smash out every single workout, every single day and to hit PB’s every session, you’re destined for disappointment.

There is striving to be better in a healthy way and then there is comparison, judgement (of others/ self), competition and obsessiveness.

Make the decision. To show up and do the best that you can! That is YOUR decision and YOUR choice. We’re not saying that you should never feel disappointed. Just not to the degree of it causing feelings of negativity. Step back, consider everything that may have resulted in you not lifting as well or being able to push as hard. Be kind to yourself, have fun, and be present for others around you. On those days where you’re not feeling like you’re able to give your best, lift someone else up and this will in turn lift you! 

Love the Lissome Team XO

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