Pull-Ups; strength before adding the kip

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First, what is a Kipping Pull-Up?

The Kipping Pull-Up is a full body, powerful movement.

The kip is used to allow us to generate more speed and power which will let us perform more work.

To be able to execute the Kipping Pull-Up you must first have strength and control in the Kip as the kipping swing is generated through our shoulders and lats. 

The Strict Pull-Up is a vertical pull movement which will build strength and muscle mass through our back. Is there anything more impressive then seeing someone pull their body weight up over the bar?

It is also so important to have strength and control in our shoulders before we start adding in the swing while also trying to control our body and pull ourselves up over the bar.

How do we get strong in the Pull-Up?

It all starts with building strength, mobility and stability overhead and getting strong in our vertical pull movements. Not able to yet perform an unassisted pull up? There are many ways to regress or progress this movement.

What does this look like?

It could be band assisted pull/chin ups, box assisted, rack assisted. There are many variations. Pick the one that works for you and focus on slowly increasing volume and load over time. This will make sure your body is adapting to the new movements you are performing, if we overload too soon this could lead to injury.

Once we built up strength and capacity through the Shoulders and Back.

Let’s start with the Kip. There are two positions we move in and out of during our Kipping Pull-Ups -the Hollow and Arch. The key is to break down and truly understand these two positions. Try moving in and out of these positions on the floor or rig. Be sure to track progress through time held in these two positions, or by adding loading.

Build strong, resilient shoulders and back and your body and Kip will thank you!

Love the Lissome Team XO

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