The Change of Seasons

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Well, its officially OUR favourite time of year! Autumn is such a special season because the weather is still warm. The days are gorgeous. You’ve had a whole summer and you’re now looking forward to the slightly cooler change.

You’ve got public holidays such as Easter break and Anzac Day. 

But what does stick in the back of our minds is the season fast approaching us…. WINTER! ARGH!

Most people say around this time they are actually looking FORWARD TO Winter! And that they can’t wait for the change. 

The unfortunate reality though, that the time where most people fall off the wagon in terms of their training and nutrition, is during these colder and darker months. We can see a drastic change in the gym with the old die hards sticking to their routine all year round, no excuses and definitely no changes. Nothing gets in their way. These are often the women you all admire, respect and adore! The women that are getting the best results, performing at the highest level and are in the best shape, ARE THESE WOMEN!

Let that thought just sink in.

We are talking about this because we all know you want that same level of commitment to your own training and performance. It’s important to share and talk about the practices that these women adopt and why they are so successful.

First of all, you aren’t the first person to feel like you don’t want to get out of bed in the morning. It’s dark and cold everywhere else too. You aren’t the only one experiencing this! You also aren’t the only one at work, contemplating going straight home to Netflix and Chill, rather than bypassing the gym for a quick hour first! The difference is though, that the dedicated and successful women don’t let that negative talk take over! The minute you start to negotiate with yourself, its OVER! You’ve lost. So don’t allow it. Once you start having that discussion in your head that you’ll train at a later time, or skip today and train double tomorrow, stop it. Just don’t think about it. Just do it. That’s a saying from somewhere I’m sure of it…?

Set your intentions at the beginning of the week! How many sessions, which days and which times. Book those classes. Tell a friend. Do whatever you have to to commit and make yourself more accountable. Use this buddy all through Winter to help each other stay true to yourselves and your goals!

Even just having the awareness around this and how the weather can play a part in your training, will help you to be more active against it. If you only ever train when the weather is good, the circumstances are right and you feel good, then chances are you will be inconsistent and struggle to really improve. Its those days where sometimes you didn’t feel like it, that you sometimes have the best of days! Have that talk with yourself now. Ask yourself, are you going to stick to this all year round and see what’s really possible? Are you going to have more commitment, dedication to yourself this year and see what can happen for you? Imagine going INTO Summer looking and feeling your absolute best! Imagine spending this entire Winter in a shed, working away on achieving those things while everyone else is at home, watching TV?! Revel in that satisfaction in the knowing that you are out there working when so many others are not.

Day by day, create that dedicated and committed woman in YOURSELF where others look to you for inspiration , motivation and adoration. Because that’s a pretty awesome place to be.

Love the Lissome Team XO

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