Healthy Wrists


Our wrists cop it constantly in training. Movements like front squats, cleans, thrusters and handstand pushups can be very demanding on this joint. They require flexible, strong wrists. In order to keep wrists healthy and avoid pain, it's crucial that you allow your wrists to adapt by increasing weight slowly.

How much time do you spend warming up and stretching your wrists?! Most of us can’t get into a squat comfortably without warming up our hips first. Same goes for your wrists.  As well as just stretching, think about putting load through the wrists.

Some other ways you can help your lil’ ol’ wrists; 

  • Wrist wraps - using wrist wraps as the weight gets heavy can help but don't use these as a bandaid. Mobility and strength is key here. 

  • Grip strength - develop this through farmers carries/ bar hangs

  • Release hook grip when cleaning/ snatching barbell!

Love the Lissome Team XO

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