Comparisons and Expectations


You’ve taken the step. You joined the gym. You’re loving it!

Every day is a new PB! Every day you’re meeting new women! Every day you’re being inspired!

Until… You aren’t…

It’s important to remember that when you are on any journey, there is a newness and an excitement that comes with doing anything for the first time. Then, there’s a settlement phase. A period where the routine starts to settle, and you find a new rhythm.  It’s almost like a relationship. The Honeymoon Phase is the beginning and its all love and romance, until it starts to settle and then there’s turning up every day, choosing to love that person every day.

Your journey in health and fitness can be very much the same.

If you’ve been at it a long time chances are you will have hit those slumps and periods of not being “motivated”. That word is almost dangerous be cause it sometimes puts the onus on someone else or something else. “You’re not motivated?” It must be the gym you’re going to. “You’re not motivated?” It must be the program. “You’re not motivated?” It must be the people around you.

Sometimes yes these things can certainly be the case. But also, it could be more of an internal thing for you! It could be that this relationship requires the next level; of commitment. It could mean that you now have to set yourself bigger and higher goals. It could mean that you have to change your attitude and view on the situation to see the best possible case.

So many times we hear women complain that “so and so can do something and I’ve been here longer than she is so I don’t understand?” That person may be training that little bit harder than you right now. That person could also be coming in early and working on her own weaknesses. That person could be doing extra RunFit sessions to get that extra bit of conditioning in every week.

The simple answer is, if you want to achieve things, and have dreams you want to accomplish, you have to ask yourself- “WHY?” Why do I want to achieve XYZ. What will that look like for me when I’ve achieved it? Is it something I like to work extra hard on? Do I want to come into the gym a few extra mornings each week and focus on my individual weaknesses? The answer may be yes, it may be no. Either way, have that conversation with yourself before you compare yourself to others around you. There are many of our members, turning up and putting the hard work in, day in and day out. We need to be real and honest about ourselves and where we are at and what we went to achieve.

It’s also important to review and reflect on our own attitudes towards all of this and understand how we may be contributing to the group dynamic and our own state of being? Are we turning up on days we don’t really quite feel like it and having a positive attitude anyway? Are we injured and frustrated at the fact we can’t join in on the group with some things but instead focusing on getting to the gym because we know the positive effect it has on us emotionally anyway, and then just also spending the time and energy to rehab and recover?

There are so many factors we all play out in a way that’s important to recognise and reflect on so that we understand how we are feeling and how we can take the power back ourselves anytime we want or need to!

Love the Lissome Team XO

Nerida BintComment