Being motivated is easy. Staying motivated is the hard part!

So, how do we stay motivated?

Discipline! When we have discipline we won’t need to rely on our motivation every day to keep us exercising. Even when you enjoy the exercise that you do, there will always be times that you aren’t feeling very motivated. You might be tired, had a bad day, or be feeling frustrated. You might just ‘not feel like it’. This is exactly when you should and where you need to practice discipline regardless of how you feel or your emotions. Developing discipline takes time but it does get easier.

The key is having a plan! This is going to make it easier to stick to! Plan the days that you will exercise and what days, for example 3 x per week on Monday, Wednesday and Friday. Schedule it like you would any other important appointment! Tell yourself, “I am exercising on those days - no excuses, motivated or unmotivated” and make it part of your routine.

Setting goals and reminding yourself of hose gals is also super important. Tell yourself - this is for my health, my future. Before you start, ask yourself “Why am I doing this?” To be strong? To be healthier for my kids? To feel more confident. Remind yourself of the answers!!!

No more excuses!!!

Love The Lissome Team XO

Nerida BintComment