Becoming a coach at Lissome


We LOVE that we have created a brand that so many women get on board with in training and in leadership! It’s amazing! It’s always been a huge part of our vision to employ more and more women into roles that they love coming to work at every day!

For those of you out in the community wondering about this, we thought we would break it down for you all and explain what our values are and how we go about employment and growth as a team.

First of all, we employ on CULTURE.

This means we always employ from within our team. The way we run our gym is so unique to every other gym surrounding us so therefore we can’t just employ someone from outside our community and expect them to know and understand what we do and why! Any other trainer or person interested in becoming a Lissome Leader MUST be training with us for a period of time before we think about employment of that person.

It’s really important that a trainer or coach is shown the culture and community before they are left responsible to create that environment for themselves. 

We either identify women from within the community to be promoted into Leaders or we are approached by them. Either way is fine but we will always ensure that we choose from the best women in order to lead our community. These women will then undergo an Internship where they are taught all of the behind the scenes practices and our philosophy. They are then gently introduced to engage in parts of those slowly through both practical and theory based learnings.

We are really proud of the culture we have created and we are determined not to let that be watered down or lost as we choose to expand the brand. It is a challenge, but one that we face head on! 

We recommend that if you are interested at all in becoming a Lissome Leader in any given territory or area, that you will first begin that process by coming in to meet us and train with us! Trying out a class for the first time really is key so that you can see if the environment is something you love as that’s important too! You won’t possibly be able to promote something that you don’t believe in yourself. And we expect that all of our trainers live and breathe the product as well as sell it! You must be able to see yourself doing this training, in the group every day. We don’t engage with trainers who see themselves “Jumping in on a few sessions here and there” with the group. No chance. We expect you to train with your members, side by side, daily. That way you inspire them, you motivate them and you see what they are capable of every day, not just the days where you coach. This is a belief and a value we hold so strongly at Lissome and are unwilling to compromise with any Coach or Trainer regardless of their experience or qualifications.

So we have a big year ahead! We definitely need more Coaches and Trainers on board to achieve the big dream! We value our Leaders and love seeing them in roles where they do a bit of everything and their hours aren’t entirely made up of coaching class after class, because let’s face it, that is hard work!

So if you are someone who is interested, we encourage you to sign up for our 7 Day Trial and drop in for some sessions to see what e are all about!

Love the lissome Team XO

Nerida BintComment