The Deadlift


The Deadlift is a compound movement. This means it is a multi-joint movement that recruits a lot of muscles at once. This lift will build strength and increase muscle mass, especially through our posterior chain.

 It is important to remember the Deadlift is different to the Squat. The Deadlift is a lower body pull movement that is hip dominant whereas the Squat is a lower body push movement which is knee/quad dominant.

 You need to have a strong set up before lifting the weight off the ground. Key things to think about in the set up is trying to pull the bar apart as we pull the shoulders down, engaging the upper back and lats and bracing the core. Maintaining tension through the whole lift is crucial. As we stand we want to think about driving our feet through the floor, making sure as we stand we fully extend the hips but are not over extending through the lower back. 

 The set up does require a lot of mobility as the bar is in front of us. Poor mobility through the shoulders and thoracic spine can be an issue during the set up. 

There are many different variations you can perform that are a similar movement pattern, choose the variation that works for you. This could be trap bar deadlift, RDL, elevated Deadlift, Rack Pull, Kettle bell Deadlift etc. 

Love the Lissome Team XO

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