How to prepare for a PB!


Want to hit a PB today? Then you have to do the work!

A PB is generally no fluke. A PB takes place after careful planning and adequate preparation, both mentally and physically. Sound like a lot of work? It is.  And that's why you don't see people hitting PBs every single session. That and the obvious, it's not possible.
What we're really talking about, is not rocking up to class and hoping for the best; actually putting in the work before class starts to ready yourself. Adopting these habits will give you the best chance possible.

If part of today's workout is finding a new 1RM or 3RM, you need to prep your body generally and specifically.

General: all over body warm up/ mobility as gym prescribes

Specific: Lift focused. Start lifting! Know the weight that you want to hit, where you need to start once the workout begins and how you are going to get there (build up). In other words, have a plan!!!! Start building weight.  Start out light with more reps and then start increasing weight and reducing the amount of reps.

Be prepared to FAIL! Failing means that you are actually testing your capacity!!! Persist at your failed weight. Failing develops even more desire to want to hit that lift. Don't get frustrated because every fail is getting you closer and closer to successfully making that lift.

Love the Lissome Team XO

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