What is Strength?

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What is Strength?

Strength is the application of force.

Strength is key and should always be the foundation in every training program. This will transfer to improving your power, speed and injury prevention.

There are many types of strength and when we train strength our goal should always be moving with intent and creating as much mechanical tension as possible.

Mechanical tension means putting the stretched muscle under load.

Types of strength:

  • Hypertrophy: The growth of muscle tissue. 

  • Control and stability: The ability to control and stabilise the muscles and joints during movement

  • Maximal strength: The ability to overcome or resist high levels of force.

  • Power or speed strength: The ability to generate high levels of force as quickly as possible

  • Power/strength endurance: The ability to sustain power/force levels over long time periods.

 Strength can be anywhere from 1-6 reps or 80%+ of 1RM

Before high intensity strength training you must be able to have control and stabilise your body weight before adding any load. This is important to prevent injuries and developing poor movement patterns.

Before starting a strength program, you need to build a strong base and put on as much muscle mass as possible. This can be done with hypertrophy training which focuses on growing the muscles and more time under tension. The bigger the muscle the stronger muscle!!!

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