Introducing StrongFit

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StrongFIT is about getting strong, building muscle and working on muscular imbalances. This is done by taking your time and focusing on creating as much mechanical tension as possible during a movement. The focus is getting strong in the fundamental movement patterns like the hip hinge, squat, upper body horizontal push/pull and upper body vertical push/pull.

Strength is key for reducing the risk of injury. We also focus on mobility, core training, accessory and unilateral training.

Mobility: Mobility is the functional range of motion at a joint.

Core: The core is not just your abs but all the muscles around your torso. The core provides stability and supports posture. The core moves in rotation, flexion, lateral flexion and anti-extension as well as learning how to brace your core during lifts.

Accessory: Accessory work is working on building muscle and reducing any muscular imbalances, most of us will favour one side of our body over the other.

Unilateral: Unilateral is the movement of training our limbs individually. Again, this is focusing on any muscular imbalances we may have and building strength on both sides evenly.

We work in a 4-week cycle as our goal is to master and understand the movement and then add speed and weight to the lift. Our goal is to progressively overload movements each week. This is done by increasing the volume (sets, reps, weight).

Love the Lissome Team XO

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