The Scales


Most people associate the scales with fear and negative thoughts.

Have you ever jumped on the scales after having a great day or week and immediately your mood changed? You instantly felt unhappy, deflated, like you hadn’t worked hard enough, or that you need to do more?

Yes, the scales measure weight. What they do not measure is how much of that is bone, fat, muscle, water or hair!!!

It also doesn’t take in to consideration how much water or food you have consumed, if you have been to the toilet, if you have exercised, whether it’s during your monthly cycle, how much sleep you have had or stress levels.

There are so many factors that can cause our weight to fluctuate. It is important we learn to look at the number without attaching any emotion. The scales do not measure how healthy you are, how happy you are and how strong you are!

Understanding all the factors that can affect how much we weigh will allow us to look at a number and not be triggered by it. If you use the scales to measure your progress in losing weight, gaining muscle, or maintaining your weight, use these tips:

·         Be consistent, weigh yourself at the same day and time, always first thing in the morning before food & drink, always after going to the toilet.

·         Write down your weight and the date.

·         Attach no emotion to the number, write it down and move on.

·         Stay consistent with your goals and adjust when you need to but give it time!

·         Record your monthly cycle.

Other tools of measuring can be photos, taking measurements, how your clothes feel, body scans, hiring a professional.

Remember that the scales are just one of many tools we can use!

Love the Lissome Team XO

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