Perks of being a Beginner

Are you a ‘beginner’, a ‘newby’?

As a beginner you should NEVER feel silly or behind. You have to start somewhere!

If your time is spent worrying and comparing yourself to others who’ve been training longer than you, then you are missing out!

Maybe your biggest advantage as a newby is;

  • You are fresh and enthusiastic! Motivation is generally at an all-time high during newby phase.

  • You also learn much, much faster - ‘newby gains’. Yes, this is a thing. New stimulus produces a very strong response from the body. When an exercise is foreign, you gain strength more rapidly as your nervous system learns how to use the muscle mass you already have to efficiently perform the movement.

What you must acknowledge is that no matter how advanced or experienced anyone is, there is always more to learn. Embrace being a beginner and a lifelong learner. Soak it all up, smile, be positive and most importantly be kind to yourself. Try to focus, not on the end result but all the small wins along the way.

Love the Lissome Team XO


Nerida BintComment