Be Present


The introduction of modern technology has brought endless opportunities to our laps and fingertips and with it, plenty of distractions! We are constantly bombarded with instant messages, emails and reminders that cause us to stop what we’re doing and redirect our focus and train of thought!

When our brain is focusing on multiple things at once, it can be overwhelming and cause stress. It also means that the ‘task’ at hand is most likely not receiving the level of attention that it truly requires and deserves. Worse still, we’re not truly enjoying that moment for what it is. A moment that we will NEVER get again!

Think about your last conversation with a loved one. Ask yourself, were you really there? Were you present in that moment and that moment alone? OR were you thinking about the shopping list that you had to get after work, the rubbish day that you had, what you wanted to say next?!

And when you last sat down to do a task/ project… How often did you check your Facebook, Instagram, emails?

What about the last meal that you ate? Did you focus on the amazing flavours and textures as you consumed it? Were your thoughts of gratitude for the deliciousness entering your mouth or were you watching an episode on Netflix and thinking about the fight you had with your spouse…

If we could be more present in what we are doing, one moment at a time, think about how much richer life could be. No past, no future. Just now. Connections would be deeper, minds would be clearer!

It’s no secret that the most successful people in the world practice some sort of meditation each day to help with mental clarity and to improve focus and well being. If your mind is feeling particularly ‘busy’, try a no phone/ social media day on the weekend. It is amazing how freeing it can feel to not be at the whim of someone else and to really pay attention to the world around and the beauty that’s in front of us 

Love the Lissome Team XO

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