Coach Real Talk with Renee Brady


My journey into the fitness world:

There has been many chapters for me with fitness & health. One I can say now I have a really healthy relationship with, however, it never begun that way.I grew up in a family full of naturally athletic individuals, everyone except myself. This led me being placed in almost every sport you could name - tennis, basketball, netball, karate, swimming etc etc all whilst being a good 20kg overweight. I hated exercise for most of my younger years as it represented this task I was no good at where I would make a fool of myself always 5 steps behind the rest.

I was then interested in the idea of fitness when my late teens hit as it became the solution to all my problems about how I hated my body. I thought if I was skinny I would be happy..I couldn’t not have been more WRONG!!

I started training in a local gym & OMG I still remember the fright to walk into the weights area .. treadmill & crosstrainer for me it was LOL how fun!! I started to notice all these fit, toned young woman training like machines and I thought.. that’s what I need to do. This led me down the pathway of fitness modelling. I competed in over 15 fitness comps which required very strict, lifestyle limiting methods. As much as it pains me to say, I was in flux 16kg between shows every 4 months or so - from binging, purging & restricting (SUPER UNHEALTHY RIGHT?!) I did this over & over to my poor body. I put my body through living hell. I would train 2 maybe even 3 times a day, 6 days a week.. and if I still wasn’t happy I would restrict my food even more.

If I wrote about this 2 years ago, I would have denied this unhealthy behaviour.

I have trained in almost every globo gym in Newcastle; many different boot camps, les mills, schwin cycle classes, CrossFit.. the list goes on.

What never changed was my beliefs. My belief that if I was skinny I would be worthy, I would be good enough. This stayed my constant for many years, deeply engrained into my patterns of thinking & acting.

I can say with pride I have done SO much self love, and self reflection that I do NOT follow my old self-sabotaging methods of punishment in my training and eating.

I am now performing at my best whilst still maintaining other important aspects of my life.I train to feel good, to be able to have energy and mental clarity for my career and my loved ones, and I train because I love myself! The absolute BEST part is I get to train around the most inspirational women each & every day that have all been a part of my journey. Every girl I have partnered with, or trained next to, and coached at lissome have all been such a massive part in me wanting to be a positive role model to love your body and treat it like it deserves!!

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