We Want Your Voice!

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Ladies of Lissome,

We have something super exciting to put to you all!

We WANT your voice!

We WANT YOU to contribute to our community by sharing your stories, experience, expertise, and perspective for our weekly blog posts!

We are all so blessed to belong to a community as amazing as this one! As part of that, we each have a duty to share what we know; the lessons we have learnt, that in turn might help, touch or impact others.

We all have something completely unique to offer. We all know something that no one else knows.

Every. Single. One. Of. Us.

What you share can be totally non-health/ fitness related. We want that! Leave that stuff to us! We want your voice on absolutely ANYTHING ELSE!!!

Topics could be;

  • How challenging being a mum is

  • A life hack

  • A book you’ve read, loved and why!

  • A country that you’ve traveled to and why others have to go!

  • An obstacle that you have overcome and the lessons you have learnt

Please believe us when we say, you ALL have knowledge + insight that one other human will benefit from. We just have the platform to get it out there.

If you’re interested, please send your 300-500 word blog post + image (optional) to info@lissome.net.au

We cannot wait to read these!

Love the Lissome team XO

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