Learning to Use Your Butt - Your Biggest Asset!


Experience lower back pain?
Hips stuck back at the bottom of the squat?
Knees caving in while squatting?

You prob’s don't know how to use your butt properly...OR it's just sitting there dormant = bad. 

Almost EVERY movement involves the glutes with the hips sitting smack bang at the centre of the body. Running, jumping, walking, squatting, getting up from a chair,  they all involve hip extension and that booty!

Weak and non-active glutes can really hinder your performance at the gym and how you move and feel in everyday life. 

Now, let’s talk ‘weak’ and ‘not active’ when it comes to glutes and muscles in general.

Your training is designed to strengthen the glutes so squats, deadlifts, hip thrusts, and lunges (just to name a few) are all great glute strengthening exercises.  

Buttttt, even Kimmy K {assuming her butt is as strong as it is big} needs to activate (turn on) these bad boys so they do their job during a work out! The key here is that IF you want them to get strong, they must be switched ON! If you don’t activate your glutes prior to using them, your body can become really good at compensating elsewhere which can lead to injury and strain because of the unnatural/ overworked nature of other muscles. 

It’s not enough to just assume that these guys know when it’s go time. They might be lazy so need specific attention to be twerk ready. That too, means actually focusing whilst doing your activation work, squeezing and poking your glutes to make sure that they really are turned on!

Wherever you fall on the spectrum {okayyy to dismal} when it comes to this stuff, adding glute activation to your daily prep will benefit you beyond words!!! Check out these super easy exercises that you can add to you repertoire: 

Glute bridge
Banded crab walk
Banded clams
Glute routine

Pay homage to your biggest asset!!! 

Love from The Lissome Team XO 

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