Nutrition and just how important it is!

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It’s one thing to start training. It’s another thing to begin a training program like this one where you are trying to get stronger, fitter and learn new skills every day. The training program we engage in is challenging in every way. It requires you to be at your optimal physical level day in, day out.

We have discovered one common thing since training women; It’s that women don’t eat ENOUGH!

When we ask our ladies what food they consume day to day, we often find they aren’t eating nearly enough food to sustain their general day to day life, stresses of work/family let alone a training program as challenging as ours.

We often see a lack of nutrition and hydration, lead to snacking and overeating on food that we shouldn’t be. Not eating enough for breakfast and lunch can often set you up for that late afternoon binge on coffee and cake! (We’ve all been there!)

We regularly engage with Newcastle’s leading Nutritionists, chefs and meal prep companies to bring you every bit of information and support we can to help you get whatever it is that YOU need.

- Some of you are time poor and really only require someone who can provide you with healthy meals on the go.

- Some of you have plenty of time but zero knowledge of how you should be cooking your meals to ensure they are stacked with the maximum vitamins and minerals to help support you in your training.

- Some of you have some time, and some knowledge but need a tiny teeny bit of guidance to tweak your current diet to make it a little cleaner and stacked with more of the good stuff.

On a very general scale, we find that so many of us don’t drink nearly enough water and don’t eat nearly enough vegetables! So make that your immediate goal! Add a litre of water and another 3-4 veggies to every meal!

In the mean time if you’d like more in depth support in any of the areas above please contact our friends at the following;

+ Fast Fuel Meals - incredibly delicious healthy fresh meals delivered to you!

+ Kit Nutrition Collective - incredible advice and support on how to better track your macros to fuel you in training, weight loss and performance!

Stay tuned for a FREE Nutrition and Cooking Seminar we will be bringing to you girls very soon! Until then, keep up the H2O and adding those yummy colourful veggies to your plate!

Love the Lissome Team XO

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