Mental Override

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What is this and what does it mean?!

It’s the ability to do something that you KNOW is good for you even when you don’t want to!

You all know what we mean. This is the only thing that separates a successful person from an average person. A successful person practices mental override more often and consistently chooses to do the thing rather than let fear over rule them.

Here is a perfect example:

You’ve made a rough plan in your head to hit the gym today. As the day progresses, you feel less and less “motivated” to go.

Option A: You think up an excuse that you choose to believe in order to help you feel okay about skipping the gym. (ie, “I’m tired/stressed/not enough time/etc”)

Option B: You acknowledge that you don’t really feel like going but choose to go anyway because you KNOW that it’s good for you and that you will feel better afterwards. It’s the choice between the easy option and the slightly tougher option.

This is applicable to so many things in our lives. Remember that phone call you really didn’t want to make? But then as soon as you made it, you felt better instantly? Remember the time you were scared to do something new and you resisted for so long? But then when you finally did the thing you felt amazing and were so glad you did it?!

The ability to consistently choose to practice mental override is one of the most important skills you could learn. The discipline and mastery of this skill will help you to live your best life. The more you practice something the better you get. And the only way to get better at something is to do it. You can’t avoid that. Practice always makes the master so master your own life. Put this skill to practice and see what you can achieve as a result of it!

Love the Lissome Team XO

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