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Did you know that the fitness industry is the most fickle of industries and has an exceptionally high turnover?! Sadly, most people chop and change their training along with the latest fad diet.

This is where Lissome is different.

The unique blend of weight training, cardiovascular endurance and gymnastic skills training means that the style is very appealing. It’s appealing because most people find some of it easy to pick up and learn, but then equally some of it harder and more challenging! The funny thing is, this applies to EVERYONE! We have seen really fit, strong and experienced women come into the gym and struggle with certain things. Then we have seen women who’ve never trained before adapt really well to some things and love it! You can never pick it!

Typically, most people take a month or so to get their head around the style of training we do. You’ll have some good days and some bad days! Sorry, it’s true! But it’s also true for everyone else don’t worry! Once you progress you’ll find that you start to improve and really start to love it and actually LOOK FORWARD to coming to the gym! Who would believe that?!

It’s really up to you to find a balance of what you’re happy to commit to each week. Obviously, the more regularly you come the easier it gets and the more you improve. We do recommend that you exercise daily and that you think of it just like you would taking a shower, necessary and important! You might find that hitting the gym 3-4 times a week and doing some walking or swimming is what works for your lifestyle… You might find that you love the gym so much that you WANT to train 5-6 times a week and then a nice walk or yoga session on that off day. Whichever you choose, that’s awesome! The key is to be consistent and make sure you’re doing that every week. Then, the challenge is to really give it a good year of repeating that routine week in, week out.

This type of training is ever evolving and there is always another level to step up to. That’s what makes it so rewarding. Once you master a skill, there’s always another skill to learn. Once you get strong, you just want to get stronger. Then you want to combine it altogether and get good at both at the same time. It’s really common for us to look toward those in front of us, that inspire us and want that now. We want to be that strong, be that skilled and be that fit! What we need to understand is that it takes time and consistent effort.

Over time we are able to build a foundation of which to improve upon but only once we’ve mastered the basics first. This type of training over an extended period of time has a truly incredible effect on the body; strengthening the upper body which most women so desperately need, increasing your cardiovascular fitness and endurance, constantly manipulating and encouraging improved mobility in your range of motion. All of these factors mean that this is a type of training to be done for the long haul, NOT just as a fad to “get summer body ready”.

So really consider this; once you choose something that works for you, it’s worth aiming for consistency and longevity. It has proven results in so many women in making their hearts, minds and bodies better. Every day. Every year.

Love The Lissome Team XO

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