Eating Real Food Takes Effort

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Yep. It takes effort. Eating real, wholesome food requires going to the shops and buying fresh food each week, every few days even! Then you have to prepare it and cook it. Whether you like to prepare food at the beginning of each week or not is totally up to you, either way, it takes time and effort to make sure that you always have food, ready to go and grab at any time.

There is a good saying; “Fail to plan, Plan to fail!” That is so true when it comes to eating well. Planning is a skill and one that some are better at than others but if you are going to plan anything, make it your meals. Get in to the habit of knowing exactly what you're eating next, what you're eating the next day and the next! This will help reduce the risk of you grabbing something easy, something that's just convenient that won't nourish or fuel you properly.  

When we are on a healthy streak, it often feels like we are constantly at the shops, constantly preparing food, constantly washing the dishes! But what's the alternative? The more fresh food you’re preparing and cooking for yourself the better. We all NEED loads of vegetables to thrive and most of us don’t eat nearly as many as we should!

Stay tuned for our Eat the Rainbow Challenge coming up soon! 

Love the Lissome Team XO

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