Choosing To Get Strong

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So, every girl’s first few weeks/months at Lissome generally goes the same way… 

You turn up. You have no idea what’s happening. What the blip does AMRAP mean? What’s a Toe To Bar? How on earth do I hold this heavy barbell thingy?!

So you spend the first few weeks just getting your head around every different thing that you’re asked to do every day. Don’t worry, we all struggled with this! Always know that you can ask absolutely any one of the girls around you if you need help.

Once your form improves and you start to feel a bit more confident, its always a good idea to start thinking about increasing your weights. If you can add a little bit of weight each week (permitting form is not compromised) then it won’t be long until you’re completing workouts RX. (What does RX mean!? It’s the prescribed weight that we set as a goal post for each different movement on any given day. Note, these often change depending on the workout, the other movements and the number of reps to be performed) The sooner you get to that point the better!

You will ALL eventually get to the point where you need to make a choice. There comes a time when you are capable of doing the RX weight prescribed, however it might take you a lot longer to complete than some of the other girls or if you decide to scale it. Here’s the thing though; if you never step up to the plate and start lifting that heavier weight, and getting used to the way it feels, you won’t ever get stronger! So sometimes, you need to make it a goal to lift that weight and forget about finishing the workout. It isn’t always necessary to “finish a workout” Always set yourself a new challenge in every workout to achieve so that you are constantly getting stronger, fitter, faster, better in your journey to being a better human!

Always know you can ask the coaches advice if you’re tossing this up and unsure of what your capability is. They often know your ability better than you do!

We hope this has helped clear up a few things! But more importantly that it made you feel a bit more human and to know we honestly ALL experienced the same confusion and fear in that first month or so! Trust us though… Give it a few weeks back to back of coming consistently and it won’t be long until you’re hooked!

Love from The Lissome Team XO

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