Training Through Injury

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It’s the most frustrating thing… You finally get on a roll with your training and BAM, you injure yourself! It’s always at the most annoying and inconvenient times! But don’t worry, its happened to us all and it isn’t a reason to STOP!

Most people freak out and think they should stop training altogether. This is one of the worst things you can do! There’s evidence to show that training through injury is actually beneficial and in fact a good idea when it comes to recovering. Movement is good for you!

We always recommend that you see a professional when it comes to sustaining an injury and we are lucky enough to have a wealth of them at our fingertips that are so easily accessible.

- Terrace Physio Plus are our preferred physiotherapists located just upstairs at Lissome! Discounted consults!
-  Life Rebel Chiropractic are located right down the road and experts in this field! Free initial consult too!
- Alyce Wilson Remedial Massage located just 10 minutes away offering incredible sports massage to flush out the niggles and more!

We can work alongside these professionals following their recommendations for what it is you can or can not do ongoing to recover from your injury. Together with your chosen professional, we can create an individualised plan that is tailored exactly to your needs. You can rest the affected area, continue to move and prevent your training program from being completely interrupted and upended. We can do this without putting you at any risk or further harm, but instead ensure you are doing things to rehabilitate and strengthen with the advice of your chosen professional.

So please, next time you sustain any kind of injury, contact us so we can help put this in place! We can ensure you are training with the group and a part of the session as much as possible but at the same time in a safe and supportive environment!

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Love The Lissome Team XO

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