Motivation; who + what gets you!

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One of the benefits of training at Lissome is that you immediately become a part of the Sisterhood. Instantly. Once you get to know a few girls, you quickly become a part of the fold and if you ever skip a class, you’ll soon have a few texts from the girls checking in and wondering where you are!

This is a really good motivator and great way to help keep you on track. Knowing that there are some strong friendships and bonds at a place with other women that you share similar values with can really help you settle in to what is usually a pretty daunting first few months…

However, this can also sometimes be detrimental to your training if you solely rely on those friendships to get you there. It's really important that you are somewhat intrinsically motivated to come along, even on your own. If you’ve ever experienced that day when “so and so” wasn’t at the gym when you expected her to be, and you just felt flat, lonely and “not into it”... This isn’t a good thing. It’s really ideal to balance these motivators out so that you have a little bit of both.

On one hand, you have a place that you love to train! You can get fit, strong, skilled and you smash it out with a bunch of weapon chicks! On the other hand, you are on your own journey of discovering your health and fitness and seeing what you are really capable of. A constant drive to want to improve, be better and get stronger requires consistency and effort every day. So, the willingness to turn up, no matter how you feel, no matter who is there, and put in 100% no matter what, is ultimately what will make you a better human.

Having an optimistic energy about you is also one of the most attractive things you could ever wish to have in life. It will attract all the best people and things to you. So bring that every day you show up and who knows what you’ll achieve!

Love Lissome xo

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