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Recovery should come hand in hand with training. The intensity of your training routine should actually determine the amount of time you dedicate to recovery but let’s be honest, who does that?! Although the body is amazing at repairing and healing itself, it needs more than 5 minutes stretching post WOD to stay in peak condition and to avoid injury.

So, what can you do?!

1.       Get 7- 9 hours of quality sleep each night. Quality is key here. This is when the brain repairs itself and crucial processes take place for us to feel human and function optimally. Make sleep a priority.  

2.       Eat nutritious foods! You are what you eat and you can’t out train a bad diet. Okay, so you might still get some results whilst eating poorly and training but that’s external! Cover internal too, and glow from the inside out by pairing training with a balanced diet, rich in REAL foods! You soon won't be able to pass up that feeling. A good analogy is filling your car up with petrol. Imagine your body is a Lamborghini (it's a bit more valuable than that!) Would you; a/ use discounted petrol with cheap fillers and chemicals and run the risk of it inevitably deteriorating over time OR would you b/ fill your precious cargo with premium petrol that you know it needs in order to run its best and stand the test of time? Yup! 

3.       Get a good remedial massage. No matter how many static stretches you hold post training, there are just some niggles out of our own reach and that left too long, will almost always result in injury. If you are training 3 – 5 days at a high intensity, we recommend a massage every 2 -3 weeks to release tight muscles and joints and to flush toxins and waste built up in the body.  

4.       Ice baths baby! Some people shudder at the very thought but get out of your comfort and honestly, your body will hug you, we promise! Cold water therapy in the form of ice baths, the ocean or shower can help protect from disease, improve insulin sensitivity, boost metabolism and burn fat!

5.       Foam roll. Foam rolling is an awesome tool to use after training to help with muscle soreness. The myofascial release will also help with flexibility and range of motion, both critical in moving well.    

6.       Steam or Sauna. These are both great ways to release toxins built up in the body.

7.       Yoga. This practice is amazing for the mind and body. Yoga can help with posture, strength and flexibility.

Always be aware of over training guys! This can be way more detrimental than the opposite when it comes to injury. A good Strength and Conditioning Program generally includes a deload week with lighter percentages to reset the nervous system and allow the body to recover.

Love from Lissome xo


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