Setting Goals

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Why should we set goals?

Top level athletes, successful business men and women and achievers in all fields SET GOALS. Setting goals gives you long term vision and short term motivation. Having clear set goals helps you to organise your time and resources so that you can make the most of your life!

It’s really useful to have a few areas to set goals in life. It’s also really useful to write them down and say them out loud! Tell them to a friend, colleague or mentor. When you speak it, you believe it can happen. Then, you’re one step closer to it actually happening. Don’t ever worry that someone will judge you for saying you were going to do something and then you didn’t… Most people are so wrapped up in their own lives to even take notice.

A few areas that are good to set goals in;

-          Health
-          Fitness
-          Career
-          Travel
-          Learning
-          Adventure + play

Health Is a good one as we only ever have one place to live, and that is our body! So looking after it is important. Everyone is so different. It’s really up to you to choose something that you can work towards to improve your overall health. It could be getting to bed before 9pm so that you get 8 hours sleep. It could be eating breakfast every day so that you don’t have that coffee/cake crash at 3pm. It could be to just add more veggies to every single meal! It could be to quit a bad habit such as smoking or binge drinking. Whatever it is, pick one and work at it! Until you’ve conquered it!

Fitness It’s ideal to work on one weakness each month or so until you’ve crushed it and then move on to the next. Every single one of us has a weakness, somewhere (We all know that moment when we read tomorrow’s workout and see that one thing we “hate”, so we decide to skip that day and have a “Rest Day”…?? #cherrypicker) hahaha! That’s actually the EXACT day we should be going to the gym! We can all make a little extra time before training to work on a weakness! It could be to practice double unders for 5 minutes. It could be doing some extra strict pull ups throughout the week. It could be getting to RunFit each week or running the 1km mark before training. Whatever it is, we challenge you to choose just one weakness and work on it, over and over! If you’d like some guidance with a program or a more specific plan on how to improve a weakness, come and see a Coach!

Career This one is oh, so important as it’s our service to others that makes life so damn beautiful. Whenever you ask anyone who is successful and happy what they most love about their job, its almost always helping others in some way. Whether it’s helping someone build their dream family home, helping a Mum to get herself back in the gym and feel better about herself or creating a product that has offered value to people’s lives forever! We all ultimately have an innate want and desire to help people. We also ALL have a talent somewhere in how to do that. Listen to whatever it is that interests you or excites you in life, and stay close to it. You may not be able to create a career out of it just yet, but given the time and the commitment and you soon will. The more people there are on this planet, doing the things they enjoy and are good at AND helping others, the happier the world we would have. Ask yourself, what do you desire for you?

Travel We have never before been so lucky to experience a life and time where travelling to any corner of the globe is so relatively easy, affordable and doable! Which is exactly why we should!

Travelling the world has many benefits but most of all it gives you perspective. Too often we are the movie star of our own lives, with absolutely minimal understanding or appreciation for what might be happening around us. Travelling to other countries and learning about their culture, their people, their food and their traditions is a really great way for us to learn and grow. Booking yourself in for regular travel and mixing it up so that you’re learning about different parts of the world will by far make you a more articulate, interesting and fun person! So book yourself a trip STAT!

Learning This one we are SUPER passionate about! Often in life its so easy to get stale, stagnant and lose interest with the daily grind. Incorporating daily rituals into your routine where you create space and time for consistent learning and growth will actually make you a better human. Whether it be self development, books, a podcast, a chat with a mentor, or learning to knit! As long as EVERY DAY you are trying to LEARN something new! Maybe your job allows for that and you love that! Awesome! If not, get off your butt and find something to get that little muscle inside your noggin working a little every day. Just a little. You’ll feel better and become more awesome. Trust us on this.

Adventure Okay, now I know you’re probably thinking “I can’t afford all this fun!” When we say adventure and play, it doesn’t mean you have to go sky diving every month! You can find adventure and PLAY in EVERY DAY! For FREE!

Example No 1; hang around kids long enough and they’ll have you dancing, singing, playing Mum's and Dad's… What is NOT fun about that???

Example No 2; you know that friend who’s always inviting you to do cool things and go to new places that you keep saying no to? Say YES. Just once.

Example No 3; you know that hill you’ve never walked up and been wondering what the view is like from the top? Well, last we checked walking is FREE. So grab a friend and do it. Start with The Obelisk if you haven’t yet seen that.

You catch our drift?!? Opportunities for adventure and play are EVERY WHERE around us! We just need to be brave enough to say YES to them.

We are fully aware of the fact that this blog post started out with ‘Setting Goals’ and has taken a wee bit of a tangent… But that’s okay! We hope you see this as a chance to set some goals in each of these areas in life because its great to set goals, but setting just one goal in life means you’re only really focusing on one area. The happiest, most successful people often share the load. They usually put a little bit of effort across a bunch of areas. These were just a few we really love and are passionate about but you can always find you own!


Love from Lissome xo

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