You Are A Sum Of The 5 People You Spend The Most Time With

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Let that one just sink in a little… Have you ever actually thought about that? This one is a little mind blowing for a number of reasons.

First off; Think about the people in your life who you actually do spend the most time with;

-          Your family
-          Your friends
-          Your work colleagues
-          Your acquaintances

Sometimes in life we accidentally spend the majority of our time with certain people due to the simple fact that we happen to see them often and it could just be easy! (ie; a next door neighbour, a fellow single gal pal, a work colleague, a room mate) We can almost unconsciously invest enormous amounts of time and energy into these relationships without even stopping to think about if the relationship is a positive one? If it’s a friendship/relationship that’s asking and encouraging the best of you? Is there a mutual bond or connection that you each understand and value? Or could it be an association that is based on convenience, gossip and boozy nights out?!

Understand one thing right now; Every one you meet comes into your life to teach you something. We often attract the very thing into our life that we need at that very moment in time. Being wary of the people we spend time with and why we allow time for them is so valuable in understanding our own selves. Time is the most precious thing on this planet. It is so fleeting. So choosing the right people in which to spend it with is wise.

There is a great saying; “Go to where it’s warm” It’s meaning is that we should all create space and time for the people, the things, the places, the experiences that make us FEEL GOOD. When you really think about it, you KNOW there are certain people in your life that when you’re around them, you just FEEL awesome. Alternatively, there are people you might happen to spend a lot of time with, where you might leave their presence feeling a little less so. Maybe even a little down or flat. Create time and space for those who inspire you, lift you up and make you feel GREAT! And slowly start to limit the time you spend with those who may have a slightly negative effect on you. If that’s not a possibility, then try your best in their presence not to let their negative energy affect you too much and maybe even try to learn something from them! We all know that one “friend” who you seem to spend the entire time gossiping with when you're together. Before you know it, an afternoon of girly gossip and wine and you’re leaving feeling a bit yuck. Remember, what Sally says about Susan says more about Sally than it does about Susan…

Taking an active approach to seek out the people you wish to be more like is actually worthy of some thought! Maybe there’s a new hobby you’d like to learn? Maybe you have heaps of girl friends but would benefit from some male buddies? Maybe you’re super interested in potentially taking on a new career so making some connections in that space could be useful? The world really isn’t as bad or scary a place as you might think it to be. There is real respect in seeing a person who is trying to step into a new world, meet some new people or take on a new hobby. These people deserve respect and kudos for their bravery. It’s not easy doing that!

Stepping outside your comfort zone to be around people who YOU want to be more like is really where it’s at. Alternatively, understanding those relationships that are no longer serving you is worth contemplating too. There’s no need to cut anyone out of your life..! But just decreasing the time spent with the sad sacks and INCREASING the time spent with people who you LOVE to be around and who fill up your cup, is so so worth it!

So we encourage you! Make a list today of the people you currently spend your time with and maybe jot down another 2 or 3 people you would very much like to connect with more…!

And then, oh it’s so scary- but YEP REACH out to them! Send a cute text or email, saying you love who they are and what they are about and that you’d love to take them out for a coffee!

You never know it could be the start of a beautiful new friendship.

Love from Lissome xo

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