Your Lissome Gym Bag Essentials

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There are a few things that we recommend you invest in, that will help make your training a little easier and more fun! Read below for some of the essentials we all carry in our gym bags every day!

  • Gym bag - To put all the things in!
  • Drink bottle - Make it a large please!
  • Sweat towel - You’ll definitely need this one!
  • Skipping rope - You need your own specific rope cut to your size!
  • Gymnastic grips - These will look after your hands while you learn all the pull ups!
  • Strength wraps - These will protect your wrists while you learn to lift the barbell and help get them stronger!
  • ASN Supplements - BCAA’s and protein powder are a must!

Suppliers that we recommend who also offer a discount for Lissome members (Code: Lissome)

The Wod Life 
ASN Charlestown (They also have 2 x full time female staff on duty at all times)

Stock up, take a pic of your stack and tag us! #lissomegymbagessentials

Love from Lissome xo

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