Good Habits Make You Great

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Being committed to ensuring you carry out good habits that support living a happy and fulfilled life is the number one step towards living a happy and fulfilled life.

For instance, beginning your morning at the gym, sweating it out, getting stronger and connecting with amazing women. Who can have a bad day when you’ve started it that way right? Yet, are we consciously aware that this one habit to start our day is having such a positive effect on us? We usually aren’t until we drop the habit or become less consistent with it, but by then its usually too late. Our frame of mind has become less positive and our way of thinking less clear.

Eating nutritious foods for example. Have you ever really committed to eating nothing but whole, fresh, real food for a decent period of time and noticed the way it makes you feel? Most of us eat nowhere near enough fruit and vegetables and live on foods that definitely don’t support our best health. We often aren’t aware that we can’t and don’t function at our capacity due to this either.

We recommend that you become aware of and create a list of habits that help support you to live your best life. It could be waking up at a certain time every day. It would be blocking out 10 minutes per day to read. It could be spending time with a loved one and connecting with a loved one every day. Whatever it is for you, that’s only for you to determine. But find what it is that helps support you in your health, wellness, business, career, relationships, adventure, travel and commit to it daily. When you move the needle every day towards living your best life, you enjoy the process more and you are way more likely to achieve those things you’d like to achieve.

We truly hope that our members recognise and realise the benefits of training every day and the incredibly positive effect it has on your life. If you do, please share this out and tag us! We would love to know if we are having a positive impact on our girls’ lives.

Love the Lissome Team XO

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