Surviving the Silly Season (Guest Blog: Lauren Smith)

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With December soon upon us and Christmas just around the corner we are reaching that time of year when our self-restraint is constantly tested. Christmas is a time to be enjoyed, but its quite easy to take advantage of the silly season and set yourself back an entire month! So here are my key tips to navigating this time of year!

1. Establish your goals

Just like every other time of the year its important to establish your goals. Whether its to enjoy a guilt free Christmas day, get up early to train on Boxing-Day, or take time away from your busy schedule to be with family and friends, it’s important to establish these goals and stick to them. If Christmas time brings certain anxieties for you, as it does for me, I find that setting myself realistic expectations helps keep me clear-headed and stops that negative mind frame from creeping in.

2. Don’t Skip on the Basics

The silly season is rightly named and before long we can find ourselves in a bit of a flatspin. During this time of year its easy to become distracted as the growing list of errands begin to take your attention away from your regular routine. There’s no denying this time of year is a busy month and sticking to your regular training routine can be difficult. Instead of throwing the month away slow the pace down and try to focus on nailing the little things. Drink your water, eat your veggies, move your body – focusing on these foundations of good health can help ensure all that hard work you’ve put in throughout the year doesn’t go to waste.

3. Plan ahead!

With Christmas parties every weekend its easy for “one cheat meal” to merge into a month-long binge. Its ok to be relaxed during this time of year but its important to not get carried away. Before attending a Christmas dinner or an office party try to think about what you would like to eat/drink beforehand. Set yourself a quota and try to stick to it. If you know you have a big family function on Sunday, maybe go easy on the Christmas drinks Friday night. Its about keeping balance and finding a point that allows you to enjoy the festive season without going overboard.

4. Be kind

To others, but most importantly to yourself! We all slip up from time to time, particularly at Christmas. That second helping of pudding may have left you feeling slightly bloated and full, but its nothing worth berating yourself over. Take a deep breath and focus on the people around you. In a weeks time you wont remember what you ate, you’ll remember how much fun you had with your family and friends. Remember, its only once a year, so enjoy it while it lasts

Love the Lissome Team XO

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