Dynamic Stretching vs Static Stretching


Dynamic stretching

Dynamic stretching should be one of the main focuses in your warm up. This focuses on elevating our core and muscle temperature and preparing the body for training.

When we increase our bodies temperature with dynamic stretching, our brain and nervous system also responds quicker. This will help to prepare the athlete for the exercise that will follow.

Dynamic stretching Involves moving parts of the body, gradually increasing range of motion and this will also prepare the joints for movement.


Static stretching

Static stretching focuses on the athlete actively holding a stretch position.

If we perform Static stretching prior to training (holding stretches for a long period of time) we are also lowering our body and muscle temperature and will be less prepared for exercise and not perform at our best.

Static stretching can be a great as a cool down at the end of a training session as this will decrease core temperature and help to lower cortisol levels.

Research has found that there has been a decrease in performance with athletes who complete static stretching as opposed to those who complete dynamic stretching prior to training.

Performance decreases in athletes include are:

  • Neural inhibition (our bodies ability to produce force at a rapid rate)

  • Muscle and body temperature

  • Store elastic energy (the body’s ability to produce force quickly)

  • Decrease in coordination

Benefits of Stretching

  • Injury prevention

  • Better posture

  • To move fluidly through movements without restriction

  • Reduces muscle tension & soreness

  • Better movement performance

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