Active Dates with both Men and Women

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It’s no secret; we are social creatures. We love to come together and we love to bond. In groups, in pairs, in large communities. But what happens when we are trying to make a conscious effort to become healthier in our lives and we are constantly bombarded with invites out to vineyard trips, long lunches, dinner and drinks with the girls?!

You can really make a step towards changing the way you socialise and spend your time so that it is in line with your values around health and fitness and plan some other things to do instead! This goes for both girly hangs as well as dates with a loved one!

Here are some great ideas on things to do!

-          A weekend morning walk and coffee (choose the beach or bush!)

-          Choose a nice healthy café for breakfast (hold the champagne!)

-          Grab your racquet and play some bat ball or tennis outdoors!

-          Head away for the day and choose some epic place to head out on a huge hike!

-          Healthy picnic! Grab a few girls and ask them to all bring a plate of something fresh and healthy! Sit on a beautiful headland somewhere and take in that view!

-          Beach adventure! Jump in the car and head to a new beach you’ve never been to before! Pack the esky full of cold water, fresh fruits and veggie sticks!

-          Head to the high ropes course at Minmi for a bit of a different adventure and challenge!

-          Head out on a whale watching cruise for the day!

-          Jump on ya bike and go for a pedal around town! It’s such a free feeling you could ever have and you’ll love it! Even if you stop somewhere for a beer!

Love the Lissome Team XO

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