To Snooze or Not to Snooze

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This is one of our all time struggles! We all do it. We all hear the alarm go off in the morning and fight with the idea that we now have to get up and out of our warm, comfortable, oh so snuggly beds…

But here’s the thing. Waking up is the FIRST thing on the list of things you’ll do in a day. Number One on a long list of things to check off… If we can’t even do that, what does that say about us?

There’s a saying; “You win the morning, you’ll win the day” Getting that very first thing right, even if it’s just for your own state of mind, is so important to conquering whatever else your day is going to throw at you. It’s a state of mind. If your alarm goes off and you get out of bed, happy, willing and ready for the day ahead, how much more do you think you’ll achieve with THAT mindset?! It’s such a small, small thing but the reality is, its an INTENTION that really will flow on for the rest of your day!

While you’re at it, make your bed too! There’s some really interesting research to suggest that quick, immediate wins are really good for the brain. IE: You make your bed, it takes 2 minutes, that’s ONE win for the day that you’ve achieved before you’ve stepped out of the bedroom! HUGE!

Try it out for a week and let us know how this affects your mindset! We really hope it helps and that it helps you create better habits to flow on and improve your life overall! ‘

Love the Lissome Team XO

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