What We Should Do VS What We Actually Do

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Have you ever sat down and really thought about your values? As in, literally listed down the things that are important to you, the people that are important to you and who you want to be in this life. It’s interesting when we do that task, how often the way we are living our lives is completely out of sync with what our values actually are.

Example; I value being fit and healthy.

Reality; I often cancel classes and my training routine is very erratic and inconsistent. I also don’t cook or prepare healthy meals often enough, often having to rely on takeaway food as I’m unorganised.

Get In Sync; I plan my training classes out at the beginning of each week and I DON’T cancel on myself. I know that exercising every day is important and I want to dedicate the time daily to ensure I’m in line with my goals. I also plan my meals out at the beginning of each week. I’m aiming to eat more fresh fruits and vegetables so therefore will have to head to the supermarket every few days to ensure I always have plenty of fresh food on hand. Spending a little bit of time ach day on these two things makes me feel good and that I’m heading in the right direction to my goals.

Example; I value learning and growing and want to achieve my full potential in my career or business.

Reality; I spend numerous hours scrolling through Facebook/Instagram daily. I mindlessly watch TV Shows such as The Bachelor/Keeping Up With The Kardashians/Neighbours etc every night. I listen to the radio in the car while driving.

Get In Sync; I limit the time I’m scrolling social media and monitor it closely. Instead, I’m reading books that can educate me and that I’m interested in. Instead of switching the TV on mindlessly at night, I’m trying to choose documentaries every now and then and be conscious of what I consume. While I’m driving in the car, I choose an EPIC playlist of something I’m really pumped to listen to so I’m actually enjoying it OR I download a cool podcast about a topic I’m interested in!

Are you picking up what we are putting down here?! We often have this idea about who we are in life. Often what we think and what is true are misaligned. When we live our lives true to our values, we are happiest and our most productive. So do yourself a favour and take 5 minutes to jot down what your values are. Then rank them in order of priority. Then make sure that your daily/weekly/monthly/yearly activities line up with those! The most important values should have more time spent on them daily/weekly and so forward.

Good luck with it and please get in touch with us if you need some help with these!

Love the Lissome Team XO

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