Coming Back

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Ok, so this type of training is somewhat intense. It requires you to train like an athlete. We aren’t in the business of just getting women ‘to work out”. The type of training we do is tough. Lifting weights, conditioning and learning new skills. All the time. Every day there is something new. If there isn’t something new there’s someone new! New faces and friends to meet constantly!

We get it. It’s daunting coming along for the first time. BUT, it’s also daunting when you’ve been a member and trained for however long it may be, and THEN you get off track, take some time off, get sick, whatever the case may be. Coming back from a period of time off can be so daunting sometimes! We all go through times when we are less motivated or feel like our routine is out of whack. What happens next is a common cycle we see play out too often. Person stops coming to the gym as frequently and then the larger the gap between sessions the harder it is to come back! Person watches social media and sees that there are so many new faces and it seems so overwhelming! The idea of coming back and everyone asking where you’ve been?! It can make you feel slack, make you feel lazy and no one wants to feel that way.

What you need to remember is this. We ALL need accountability buddies. We all need people in our lives who are going to look out for us, keep an eye out for us and want to see us win. The thing is though; these same people are ALSO there to lift us back up when we fall. They are also the people who WANT to be there holding your hands in the tough times too. So when Lissome girls are peppering you about “Where you’ve been…?”, they are doing it because they CARE. No judgement. No criticism. Just pure love and care.

What you also have to remember is that as soon as you’ve braved that first session back, it’s often ALL you need to remind yourself how GOOD it is and how much you’ve missed it! The feeling of moving your body, getting sweaty and all those epic high fives and adrenaline rushing through you will make you feel unstoppable! Our coaches won’t be pushing you too hard if you’ve had some time off. If you’ve had time off, sometimes we want you to act like you’re a total beginner for a few weeks. And that’s okay. The main thing is that you DO come back and you DO get back into the swing of it, and quickly! It’s a part of your routine that you should prioritise every day and that you should be aware of; it makes you feel GOOD!

So always plan to get your training in but don’t worry too much if things don’t go to plan! Just get back in the gym and as soon as we see your smiling face, you know we are going to be happy to see you! As always, please reach out to a coach if you need help!

Love the Lissome Team XO

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