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Welcome to Lissome.
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We create a place where women of any age, shape, size or ability are welcomed as soon as they step foot through our doors. We have 4 types of memberships to suit every lifestyle and budget.


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We love our members and they love us too!

"I've gained a new interest, new friends, a new addiction and I've gained some self-esteem back! Lissome is the best place on earth and I am eternally grateful as this has changed my life in such a positive way" - Courtney

"I've made such big improvements in my fitness and strength and found an amazing community to be a part of along the way" - Llewwy

"I only wished I had joined earlier! Lissome is this amazing hub of positivity, encouragement and empowerment for fit, strong girls. From the moment you walk in the door you feel welcome and a part of this amazing community" - Brittany

"The service comes with pure love and support to help you be the best version of yourself possible" – Yvonne

"My physical and mental awareness has grown for the better, more than just a gym, the community is second to none" – Jackie

"My favourite thing is the atmosphere and the fact that nobody is judgmental and the only person that you’re encouraged to be better than is yourself" – Courtney